MARVAL is an important manufacturing reality specialised in precision machining.
It especially boasts the capacity to perform numerically controlled turning and machining on both vertical and horizontal machines.
This latter handle high-speed production for working aluminium as well as cast iron.
A commitment of both the organisation and management has always recognised the priority of satisfying the needs of the client and the guarantee of manufacturing efficiency and the quality of the finished product.

The numerous multi-pallet equipment offers, moreover, the possibility to achieve even very small production batches.
This enables a remarkable optimisation of resources and also guarantees fast solutions for the Customer and strict adherence delivery times.

A passion, a desire for growth, for optimisation which has been continually transforming the company keeping it constantly apace with the latest technologies.
This logic includes the training courses and continuous updating of Marval staff , the dedicated tools, the acquisition of electronic measurement systems and optical reading logistics systems.
Consequently, it is this logic that focuses on personnel training and updating courses, the purchasing of electronic gauging equipment and everything and anything that is needed in achieving the ultimate goal, the satisfaction of the Customer.